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Sagaponack is one of the most exclusive zip codes in the nation, yet it offers a decidedly quaint, rural setting. Covering less than five square miles, Sagaponack offers residents an unprecedented mix of privacy, luxury, and relaxation.

Welcome to Sagaponack

An exclusive Hamptons village with picturesque views
Sagaponack, NY is one of the most exclusive zip codes in the nation, yet it offers a decidedly quaint, rural setting. Covering less than five square miles, Sagaponack offers residents an unprecedented mix of privacy, luxury, and relaxation. Working farms dot the land, settled in between stately mansions and tony estates, and residents benefit from this agricultural setting. Farm stands sell organic produce handpicked that very morning and restaurants design menus based on local farmers’ crops. 
Although originally settled back in 1656, Sagaponack remained a village within the greater town of Southampton until 2005, when residents voted to officially incorporate the small hamlet as Sagaponack Village. Known as the “land of the big ground nuts,” Sagaponack was initially named Sagg by the Shinnecock Indian Nation, who valued the “nuts” that came from the ground. Today, some farms in Sagaponack, NY still grow those nuts, or as we call them, potatoes. 
Tucked away from the bustle of nearby Hamptons enclaves, Sagaponack was made to pamper and protect its residents. Sagaponack's real estate is designed to be spacious and impressive, as well as secluded and private. This prestigious hamlet has no need to prove itself as a hip hotspot or flashy trendsetter. Life here is peaceful and relaxed, with good, nourishing food and a taste for healthy indulgences. 

What to Love

  • Picturesque views 
  • White sandy beaches 
  • Antique architecture and Sagaponack's charming homes for sale
  • Plenty of privacy and space
  • Working farms and the freshest organic produce

People & Lifestyle

This prestigious town attracts elite residents from varying industries, such as design and finance, and these residents feel protective reciprocity to their quaint village. Author Kurt Vonnegut lived here, in a colonial saltbox house on Main Street, and credited Sagaponack with his ability to work, saying he lived and worked happily in this sleepy, peaceful town for 22 years. He and fellow residents even worked to keep overdevelopment out of the area, in order to preserve the quiet serenity they so treasured.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The ultimate relaxation destination, Sagaponack is designed for languid days and a life of ease. Dining is a thing of beauty and refined taste, with substantial options like Loaves and Fishes.  This gourmet take-out market makes it easy to make your own elevated dinner or perhaps host your own farm-to-table picnic, with gourmet fare like freshly baked baguettes with burrata, wild mushroom, and pesto, or potato pancakes with caviar cream. Old Stove Pub is a Hamptons classic, adored for its charm, premium steaks, and fresh salads. Stop in for the casual Pub Night menu or treat yourself to traditional steakhouse fare from the dinner menu, like Tomahawk steak and wedge salad. 
Some nights call for down-home cooking and a good beer, and TownLine Barbeque is the most authentic barbeque in the Hamptons. Once you have found your perfect Sagaponack home, turn to Wyeth to furnish. This high-end vintage interior design store excels in mid-century modern styles and provides museum-quality masterpieces of inspired vintage design.

Things to Do

Sagaponack pampers its residents with resort-level amenities and an unparalleled sense of ease. Home to the long-running Wölffer Estate Vineyard, Sagaponack has even mastered the art of rosé. This sustainable winery estate offers a stylish tasting room and a very fashionable Much of Sagaponack’s splendor comes from the spectacular setting and its beaches are second to none. The peaceful, dog-friendly Gibson Beach is the perfect place to bring the family for a picnic or a day of surfing and swimming, while Sagg Main Beach, considered one of the area’s most beautiful beaches, offers a lifeguard and concession snacks, making it ideal for kids. The family dog will love to tag along at Peter's Pond Beach, a canine-friendly locale with swimming and nearby bistros and cafes.

With so much nature and rustic beauty in the area, it’s no surprise to find Madoo Conservancy, which is dedicated to the study, preservation, and enhancement of Madoo, the ever-changing, horticulturally diverse garden created in 1967 by artist, gardener, and writer Robert Dash. Considered a living tribute to the artistic imagination of its founder, Madoo strives to engage, educate, and inspire visitors within a beautiful, entirely organic environment.

Sagaponack Real Estate

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