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Winter Wonderland

So happy we are through with 2020! Now on to 2021, and hopeful that we will get COVID behind us this year! There are still so many uncertainties, but one thing's for sure: The real estate market is still hot!

The Corcoran Q4 East End Report just came out, reporting a 68% year-over-year increase in Q4 sales. Total sales were $5.49 Billion for the year, with $2.149 Billion of that coming in Q4 alone, according to the NY Post. There's still strong demand as people continue to search for year-round residences here. We are almost busier than ever!

More people are seeing the year-round charms and beauty of the Hamptons. The fresh air, the sunsets, even cozying up next to the fire during a rainy night! There really is so much to do out here, I wanted to make this newsletter about making the most of the Hamptons winter.

Check out where to eat, where to shop, or where to stay-cation, Departures has a great list of things to do in the Hamptons during the winter.

While the Parrish Art Museum galleries aren't actually open right now as the list suggests (they plan to reopen in early spring), the Meadow and the Field of Dreams are free and open daily, and you can even browse the gallery offerings online.

Then definitely make an appointment to explore the LongHouse Reserve in honor of Jack Lenor Larsen, who sadly passed away in December. This is a wonderful, touching tribute to the man who is literally and figuratively woven into the fabric of the East End.

Looking for a creative way to spend time with the youngest members of your family and friends? Guild Hall's Student Art Festival features creations from students across the East End and also offers interactive programs for kids.

Did you know the Montauk Point Lighthouse was the first lighthouse built in New York state? If you've ever toured it or haven't because the lines can be so long in the summer great news: Governor Cuomo announced last week that a contract has been awarded for a project to safeguard the historic monument from shoreline erosion.

While spending time at home, not only can de-cluttering your space actually help you relax, it can literally make your home worth more! Here are some tips - that can really be applied to your entire house - on how to make your kitchen feel tidier. This is a must-read if you're getting ready to sell your home.

If you agree there's nothing better on a cold day than a big bowl of chili, try this lemony white bean soup with greens from NYT. It's both hearty and healthy, without being heavy, while the ginger and lemon add that "I never would have thought of that" flair that makes it so addictive.

And since we all missed extravagant brunches at EMP Summer House last year, why not make their beloved cranberry-orange granola at home?

As the binging season has officially been extended, I could not be more excited about the announcement of the Sex and the City reboot. How are you feeling about the announcement that Samantha won't be returning?

And to get your fix of “live” entertainment, Bay Street’s stand-up comedy series is back tonight – get your tickets now!

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