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Join Us for a Thanksgiving Feast and Fun

This Thanksgiving, we are especially thankful for each and every one of you: our wonderful clients, colleagues, friends, and families. Your trust in us is the driving force behind everything we do and enables us to do what we love most, making dreams come true. So far in 2021, our clients have signed 150+ contracts that are 150+ dreams realized. And not a single one was the same.

In gratitude, we'd like to invite you to join our Mala Sander+Team family for a virtual Thanksgiving dinner of our favorite recipes and some other fun to get you in the spirit for Thursday's feast.

But first, we've got some business to attend to check out Corcoran's latest 5-Year Report. From mid-year in 2016 to mid-year in 2021, the average price of a home in the Hamptons is up almost $1 million! Even more staggering $500K of that increase is in just the last year! This means there's never been a better time to sell but it's also time to buy because prices just keep going up!

And, in case you missed it, make sure to read The Corcoran Report 3Q 2021.

Now on to the festivities.


Turkey Trivia


As wild turkeys roam freely here on the East End, we're used to encounters with the whole bird(s) much more frequently than once a year on our dinner table. But how much do you really know about these gobbling Galliformes?


Did You Know

  • Turkeys are native to North America, and wild turkeys can be found in every U.S state except Alaska.
  • The wild turkey is one of only two birds native to North America that has been regularly domesticated (the other is the Muscovy duck).
  • 7 Million wild turkeys roamed the United States in 2017.
  • A group of turkeys is called a "rafter".
  • Turkeys have better eyesight than humans (by 3X!).
  • Wild turkeys can fly (but not very far), domesticated turkeys cannot.
  • Their poop identifies their gender.
  • There's a blue turkey! The ocellated turkey of Central America is smaller and has a bright blue head and flashes iridescent, peacock-like feathers.

A Taste of Teamsgiving


While the list is full for our Thanksgiving dinner (Sorry! Maybe next year!), we wanted to give you a taste of what a Mala Sander+Teamsgiving is like. Check out what each of us is cooking -- it may even inspire you to spice up one of your classics:


Turkey by Mala: "My turkey recipe borrows from two household names to make one fantastic bird that should be in every household! First, brine the turkey with Martha Stewart's recipe, then use Tom Colicchio's herb butter turkey recipe to roast it, and for the gravy. I stuff the turkey only with fresh herbs, citrus, and root vegetables".

Stuffing/Dressing by Maxwell: "My favorite dish is dressing because it’s like a savory bread pudding. Martha Stewart's oyster and cracker dressing recipe is about as close as it gets to my dad's famous stuffing, without giving away all his secrets. Who doesn’t love oysters on everything?!"

Sweet Potatoes by Tina"This candied sweet potatoes recipe is the perfect umami dish - sweet, salty, sticky, and just so yummy!"

Wild Rice Salad by Chelsea: "I've been making this wild rice salad, which my family can't get enough of. And, as a new mom, I love that it's as easy as it is tasty."

Biscuits by Kyle: "I’m a carb lover, and what’s a better carb vehicle than freshly baked biscuits? Freshly baked cheddar jalapeño biscuits! Great for Thanksgiving and with eggs for breakfast the next day!"


Plant Power


Are you stressed about your Year-End Reviews? Already sore just thinking about your New Year's resolution workouts? Or restless over the crypto crash?!

We're Excited about our friend and local celebrity acupuncturist Kevin Menard's just-launched Dragon Hemp, designed to tackle all of those ailments naturally! These proprietary herb formulas make Eastern medicine easy and accessible, with the added benefit of hemp extracts. Release the Dragon in you!


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