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From Our Table to Yours

Want a taste of what a Mala Sander+Teamsgiving is like?


Here's what you can expect to find on our table:


Turkey: Martha Stewart's Turkey Brine + Tom Colicchio's Herb Butter Turkey


"My turkey recipe borrows from two household names to make one fantastic bird that should be in every household! First, brine the turkey with Martha Stewart's recipe, then use Tom Colicchio's recipe to roast it, and for the gravy. I stuff the turkey only with fresh herbs, citrus, and root vegetables." - Mala


Stuffing/Dressing: Martha Stewart's Oyster and Cracker Dressing


"My favorite dish is dressing because it’s like a savory bread pudding, and this recipe is about as close as it gets to my dad's famous stuffing, without giving away all his secrets. Who doesn’t love oysters on everything?!" - Maxwell


Sweet Potatoes: Candied Sweet Potatoes


"This is the perfect umami dish - sweet, salty, sticky, and just so yummy!" - Tina


Salad: Wild Rice Salad


"My family can't get enough of this wild rice salad. And, as a new mom, I love that it's as easy as it is tasty." - Chelsea


Biscuits: Cheddar Jalapeño Biscuits


"I’m a carb lover, and what’s a better carb vehicle than freshly baked biscuits? Freshly baked ! Great for Thanksgiving and with eggs for breakfast the next day!" - Kyle

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